Neil Young - Comes A Time

A return to 'Harvest' territory in one sense, a sense that this is easier listening. Indeed, this album reportedly sold more copies in its first month than the previous SIX Neil Young albums sold altogether! So, his record label must have been pleased, anyway. A female vocalist joins Neil, Nicolette Larson, and she tracks him perfectly. Two voices becoming one, but sometimes they drift a little, Neil never being a perfectionist - but that just adds to it further. The opening song is just beautiful, the vocals, the feel. An acoustic solo Neil Young song added to by a rhythm section later on, as most of the songs here were. An unusual way for Neil Young to work, but there you are. The title song is great, sweet, little country picking feels - lovely and happy - Neil hadn't sounded full of love and happiness for an eon. You see, this is what's great about Neil Young. On the one hand you've got 'Harvest' or this album right here, 'Comes A Time' - uplifting, happy music. On the otherhand, you've got a 'Tonights The Night' - and it boils! Neil is confusing sometimes, but he's a good guy, so i've heard. Ultimately. And, I don't know, this album just has something. It's not as richly produced or orchestrated as 'Harvest', on the face of it - but something like 'Look Out For My Love' will arrives, mostly acoustic, occasional bass, sweet harmonies- and it just sounds so honest and pure.

'Lotta Love' is a fabulous song, one of Neils best. It's very simple, very straightforward - very affecting. 'Human Highway' - the acoustic opens, the country enters. It's ok - Neil was meant to be making this weird film, he poured 3 million dollars into it. Something to do with a tree turning into a rocket, or some other such weird notion. That Neil for you - he gets these flights of fancy, sometimes. Ah, ultimately, 'Comes A Time' is sweet, pretty consistent - the acoustic nature of most of the songs, overdubs added of course, but still - giving this a very natural, warming feel. Something like 'Field Of Opportunity', sweetly naive and silly, but pedal steel and a pure vocal - it works. The closing 'Four Strong Winds' is a Crosby Stills And Nash tune in all but name - it's so soft and nice - it almost makes you sick. 'Comes A Time' is the total opposite of 'Tonights The Night', but you know one thing. Those female vocals combining with Neils. That happens all through 'Four Strong Winds' - the pedal steel guitar weeps, it's beautiful.

Goin Back / Comes A Time / Look Out For My Love / Lotta Love / Peace Of Mind / Human Highway / Already One / Field Of Opportunity / Motorcycle Mama / Four Strong Winds

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