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Motorhead was formed in 1975 by the Bassist/Singer Ian Fraser Kilmister (aka Lemmy). Lemmy was kicked out of Hawkind a few months before, because of drugs issues, and he wanted to from his own band to avoid being fired again. He named the new band 'Motorhead', based on a song he wrote for Hawkind, and he hired the guitarist Larry Wallis and the drummer Lucas Fox to the band. Lemmy later admitted that they had to steal gear because they were very poor.

After replacing the old drummer with Phil Taylor, the band was bound to release their first album, but unfortunately, after recording the songs, the record label refused to release the album because they didnt like it. The album was eventually released four years later, after the band had gained mainstream success.

A year later, Wallis decided that he needed a backing guitarist to play while he is playing the solos, but shortly after the guitarist Eddie Clarke was recruited, Wallis quit the band and rejoined The Pink Faries, thus creating the classic trio for the band: Lemmy-Clarke-Taylor.

By the end of '76 the reputation of the band was very negative, and they had actually won the "Worst Band In The World" poll. Motorhead was deep in ***. By April '77, the band members became so discouraged and so depressed that they decided to break up the band. In one last effort, they asked Lemmy's acquaintance Ted Carroll from Chiswhik Records to come and record their last show. Sadly, or maybe happily, Ted couldn't afford to record their show, so instead he offered them two days at his studio to record a single. The band gladly took the chance but well-rehearsed as they were, they managed to record eleven unfinished tracks in those two days. Impressed, Ted gave them more studio time and in a short time they finished thirteen tracks. Eight of those were released in their eponymous debut, in '77.

Its debut is for some reason Motorhead's most overlooked album. It features decent classic-Motorhead style songs from start to finish. Kicking off with the best introduction to the album and the band, the self-titled Motorhead, which is suprisingly on par with other known Motorhead songs such as Overkill and Ace Of Spades. The album then continues with some slightly different tracks such as Iron Horse and Lost Johnny, but overall it maintains the same attiude throughout all 33 minutes.

The album provides everything a Motorhead album should, speedy rough songs, Lemmy's melodic bass lines, fast distorted bluesy-influenced riffs and of course the dirtiest vocals you will ever hear in your entire life. It truly serves its purpose.

And I dont think I even need to mention how influential Motorhead was. Motorhead and their self-titled album (although the ones to come will be more influential) were a cornerstone in the NWOBHM history. They were so groundbraking that they have inspired both Thrash, Speed Metal and even Punk. This is probably the reason why so many bands have listed them as their influence. Even though they are not so well-known, they inspired whole genres. They are arguably the most influential band in Metal history.

One other thing there is to like(or possible dislike) about Motorhead is that they are extremely consistent. If you like this album you will probably like the next nine studio albums - all are aggresive and violent, rough and dirty.

Motorhead was released in September 24th, 1977. The record label is Chiswick and it its 32:53 minutes long.

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