King Crimson lyrics - Album: Lizard [1970]


including Entry Of The Chameleons

Night: her sable dome scattered with diamonds,

Fused my dust from a light year,

Squeezed me to her breast, sowed me with carbon,

Strung my warp across time.

Gave me each horse, sunrise and graveyard,

Told me only I was her;

Bid ne face the east closed me in questions

Built the sky for my dawn ...

Cleaned my feet of mud, followed the empty

Zebra ride to the Cirkus,

Past a painted cage, spoke to the paybox

Glove which wrote on my tonque -

Pushed me down a slide to the arena,

Megaphonium fanfare

In his cloak of words strode the ringmaster

Bid me join the parade ...

"Worship!" - cried the clown. "I'm a T.V.

Making bandsmen go clockwork,

See the slinky seal Cirkus policeman,

Bareback ladies have fish."

Strongmen by his feet, plate-spinning statesman,

Accrobatically juggling -

Bids his tamers go quiet the tumblers

Lest the mirror stop turning ...

Elephants forgot, force-fed on stale chalk,

Ate the floors of their cages.

Strongmen lost their hair, paybox collapsed and

Lions sharpened their teeth.

Gloves raced round the ring, stallions stampeded

Pandemonium seesaw ...

I ran for the door, ringmaster shouted,

"All the fun of the Cirkus!"

Indoor Games

Indoor fireworks amuse your kitchen staff

Dusting plastic garlic plants

They snigger in the draught

When you ride throw the parlour

Wearing nothing but your armour -

Playing Indoor Games.

One string puppet shows amuse

Your sycophantic friends

Who cheer your rancid recipes

In fear they might offend,

Whilst you loaf on your sofa

Sporting falsies and a toga -

Playing Indoor Games, Indoor Games.

Your mean teetotum spins arouse your seventh wife

Who pats her sixty little skins

And reinsures your life,

Whilst you sulk in your sauna

'Cos you lost your jig-saw corner -

Playing Indoor Games, Indoor Games.

Each afternoon you train baboons to sing

Or swim in purple perspex water wings.

Come Saturday jump chopper, chelsea brigade.

High bender-trender it's all Indoor Games.

No ball bagatelle incites

Your children to corspire.

They slide across your frying pan

And fertilise your fire;

Still you and Jones go madder

Broken bones - broken ladder -

Hey Ho ...

Happy Family

Happy family, one hand clap, four went

by and none came back.

Brother Judas, ash and sack, swallowed


Rufus, Silas, Jonah too sang, "We'll blow

our own canoes,"

Poked a finger in the zoo, punctured

all the ballyhoo.

Whipped the world and beat the clock,

wound up with their share of stock.

Silver Rolls from golden rock,

shaken by a knock, knock, knock.

Happy family, wave that grin,

what goes round must surely spin;

Cheescake, mousetrap, Grip-Pipe-Thynne

cried out, "We're not Rin-Tin-Tin."

Uncle Rufus grew his nose,

threw away his cirkus clothes

Cousin Silas grew a beard,

drew another flask of weird

Nasty Jonah grew a wife,

Judas grew his pruning knife.

Happy family, one hand clap,

four went on but none came back.

Happy family, pale applause,

each to his revolving doors.

Silas searching, Rufus neat,

Jonah caustic, Jude so sweet.

Let their sergeant mirror spin

if we lose the barbers win;

Happy family, one hand clap,

four went on but none came back.

Lady Of The Dancing Water

Grass in your hair stretched like a lion in the sun

Restlessly turned moistened your mouth with your tonque.

Pouring my wine your eyes caged mine glowing

Touching your face my finger strayed knowing

I called you lady of the dancing water.

Blown autumn leaves shed to the fire where you laid me.

Burn slow to ash just as my days now seem to be.

I feel you still always your eyes glowing

Remembered hours salt, earth and flowers flowing.

Farewell my lady of the dancing water.


Prince Rupert Awakes

Farewell the temple master's bells

His kiosk and his black wormseed

Courtship solely of his word

With Eden guaranteed.

For now Prince Rupert's tears of glass

Make saffron sabbath eyelids bleed

Scar the sacred tablet wax

On which the Lizards feed.

Wake your reasons' hollow vote

Wear your blizzard season coat

Burn a bridge and burn a boat

Stake a Lizard by the throat

Go Polonius or kneel

The reapers name their harvest dawn

All your tarnished devil's spoons

Will rust beneath our corn.

Now bears Prince Rupert's garden roam

Across his rain tree shaded lawn

Lizard bones become the clay -

And there a Swan is born

Wake your reasons' hollow vote

Wear your blizzard season coat

Burn a bridge and burn a boat

Stake a Lizard by the throat

Gone soon Piepowder's moss-weed court

Round which upholstered Lizards sold

Visions to their leaden flock

Of rainbows' ends and gold

New tales Prince Ruppert's peacock brings

Of walls and trumpets thousand fold

Prophets chained for burning masks

And reels of dream unrolled ...

Bolero - The Peacock's Tale

The Batle Of Glass Tears

including: Dawn Song

Last Skirmish

Prince Puppert's Lament

Night enfolds her cloak of holes

Around the river meadow.

Old moon-light stalks by brocken ploughs

Hides spokeless wheels in shadows.

Sentries lean on thorn wood spears

Blow on their hands, stare eastwards.

Burnt with dream and taut with fear

Dawn's misty shawl upon them.

Three hills apart great armies stir

Spit oath and curse as day breaks

Forming lines of horse and steel

By even yards march forward.

Big Top


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