King Crimson lyrics - Album: Larks' Tongues in Aspic [1973]

Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part One


Book Of Saturday

If I only could deceive you

Forgetting the game

Every time I try to leave you

You laugh just the same

'Cause my wheels never touch the road

And the jumble of lies we told

Just returns to my back to weigh me down...

We lay cards upon the table

The backs of our hands

And I swear I like your people

The boys in the band

Reminiscences gone astray

Coming back to enjoy the fray

In a tangle of night and daylight sounds...

All completeness in the morning

Asleep on your side

I'll be waking up the crewmen

Banana-boat ride

She responds like a limousine

Brought alive on the silent screen

To the shuddering breath of yesterday...

There's the succour of the needy

Incredible scenes

I'll believe you in the future

Your life and death dreams

As the cavalry of despair

Takes a stand in the lady's hair

For the favour of making sweet sixteen...

You make my life and times

A book of bluesy Saturdays

And I have to chose...

Exiles this faraway land

Strange...that the palms of my hands

Should be damp with expectancy

Spring...and the air's turning mild

City lights...and the glimpse of a child

Of the alleyway infantry they know what I mean

Rain...and the gathering green

Of an afternoon out-of-town

But Lord I had to go

My trail was laid too slow behind me

To face the call of fame

Or make a drunkard's name for me

Though now this other life

Has brought a different understanding

And from these endless days

Shall come a broader sympathy

And though I count the hours

To be alone's no injury...

My home...was a place near the sand

Cliffs...and a military band

Blew and air of normality

Easy Money

Your admirers on the street

Gotta hoot and stamp their feet

In the heat from your physique

As you twinkle by in moccasin sneakers

And I thought my heart would break

When you doubled up at the stake

With your fingers all a-shake

You could never tell a winner from a snake

but you always make money

Easy money

With your figure and your face

Strutting out at every race

Throw a glass around the place

Show the colour of your crimson suspenders

We would take the money home

Sit around the family throne

My old dog could chew his bone

For two weeks we could appease the Almighty

Easy money

Got no truck with the la-di-da

Keep my bread in an old fruit jar

Drive you out in a motor-car

Getting fat on your lucky star just making

Easy money.

The Talking Drum


Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two


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