Yes lyrics - Album: Relayer [1974]

Gates of Delirium

La la, la la la la la la

La la la la la la la, la la la.

Stand and fight we do consider

Reminded of an inner pact between us

That's seen as we go

And ride there

In motion

To fields in debts of honour defending

Stand the marchers soaring talons

Peaceful lives will not deliver freedom

Fighting we know,

Destroy oppression

The point to reaction

As leaders look to you attacking

Choose and renounce throwing chains to the floor

Kill or be killing faster sins correct the flow

Casting giant shadows off vast

Penetrating force

To alter via the war that seen

As frictions spans the spirits' wrath ascending to redeem

Wars that shout in screams of anguish

Power spent passion bespoils our soul receiver

Surely we know.

In glory we rise to offer,

Create our freedom, a word, we utter a word.

Words cause our banner, victorious our day

Will silence be promised as violence display

The curse increased we fight the pow'r and live by it by day

Our gods awake in thunderous roars and guide

The leader's hands in paths of glory to the cause

Listen should we fight forever

Knowing as we do know

Fear destroys?

Listen should we leave our children?

Listen our lives stare in silence

Help us now

Listen your friends have been broken

They tell us of your poison

Now we know

Kill them give them as they give us

Slay them burn their children's laughter

On to hell

The fist will run

Grasp metal to gun

The spirit sings in crashing tones we gain the battle drum

Our cries will shrill the air will moan and crash into the dawn

The pen won't stay the demon's wings, the hour approaches

Pounding out the devil's sermon

Soon oh soon the light

Pass within and soothe this endless night

And wait here for you

Our reason to be here

Soon oh soon the time

All we move to gain will reach and calm

Our heart is open

Our reason to be here

Long ago, set into rhyme

Soon oh soon the light

Ours to shape for all time, ours the right

The sun will lead us

Our reason to be here

Soon oh soon the light

Ours to shape for all time, ours the right

The sun will lead us

Our reason to be here

Sound Chaser

Faster moment spent spread tales of change within the sound

Counting form through rhythm electric freedom

Moves to counter-balance stars expound our conscience

All to know and see

The look in your eyes

Passing time will reach as nature relays to set the scene

New encounters spark a true fruition

Guiding lines we touch them

Our bodies balance out the waves

As we accelerate our days

To the look in your eyes

]from the moment I reached out to hold

I felt a sound

And what touches our soul slowly moves as touch rebounds

And to know that tempo will continue lost in trance of dances

As rhythm takes another turn

As is my want I only reach

To look in your eyes...

To Be Over

We go sailing down the calming streams

Drifting endlessly by the bridge

To be over

We will see

To be over

Do not suffer through the game of chance that: plays

Always doors to lock away your dreams

Think it over

Time will heal your fear

Think it over

Balance the thoughts that release within you

Childlike soul dreamer one journey

One to seek and see in every light do open

True pathways away

Carrying closer go gently

Holding doors will open everyway

You wander true pathways away

After all your soul will still surrender

After all don't doubt your part

Be ready to be loved

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