Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother

The greatest weakness of Atom Heart Mother is also its greatest strength. The titular suite is over 23 minutes of stunning orchestral bombast. It rises, falls, and offers slick guitar, swinging bass, and organ work. A chorus sings gibberish as washes of psychedelic errata zoom in and out. It’s not the kind of song one throws on casually, but it’s truly an impressive work. Yet it also serves as a roadblock to the album’s semi-hidden treasures. If you’re not feeling the suite, you’re likely to change the record before finding the second side’s slick 1-2-3 punch. Following the rough structure of Ummagumma, side two offers three pop rock tracks composed by each of the band’s members. Roger Waters’ deliciously sweet “If” is one the band’s best least known tracks. “If” is followed by Richard Wright’s “Summer ‘68” and David Gilmour’s “Fat Old Sun”. All three are decidedly pleasant pop tunes that warrant a good listen. (Interesting moments aside, the less said about Nick Mason’s “Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast”, the better.) The low place of Atom Heart Mother on this list is less an indictment of the album than a testament to the extraordinary music Pink Floyd would produce in the coming decades.

Track Listing

1. Atom Heart Mother

2. If

3. Summer '68

4. Fat Old Sun

5. Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

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