Pink Floyd - The Wall

The Wall is the most cinematic experience ever committed to an album — and also one of the darkest. The dream of being a rock star is mercilessly shattered as the once-charming Pink becomes a raving monster, consumed by his insecurities and the alienation of excess. Amidst sing-a-long rock tracks, mood pieces, and sound effects, the record’s complex narrative bounces between flashbacks and nightmares with an unreliable narrator at the center. In different hands, the concept would’ve proven too lofty and amorphous to succeed, but Floyd, at the height of their success, forged an album and stage show the likes of which none have matched since.

The record was fueled by Waters’ personal torments as well as the tragedy of Syd Barrett’s burn out. Rather than being burdened by the semi-autobiographical austerity, The Wall becomes more relatable even as the protagonist struggles with crippling emotional distance. Rebelling against school, struggling with an overbearing mother, living in the shadow of a dead father, and even emasculation, Waters channeled a generation of British youth looking for meaning in the excess of the modern age and in a culture famous for bottling up its emotions.

With The Wall, we see the height of Water’s creative tenure directing Pink Floyd. Even with the partial departure of Wright, the record is still definitively cut from the band’s sonic cloth. From the heart-wrenching confessions of “Comfortably Numb”, to the inappropriately uplifting chords of “Run Like Hell”, and the eerie tranquility of “Goodbye Blue Skies”, the songwriting is razor sharp and the auditory spectacle is as impressive as the day it debuted. The Wall brings narrative concept records to an emotional and theatrical pinnacle. It’s a visceral ride, but one that rewards with each successive listen.

Track Listing

1. In The Flesh?

2. The Thin Ice

3. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1)

4. The Happiest Days of our Lives

5. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)

6. Mother

7. Goodbye Blue Sky

8. Empty Spaces

9. Young Lust

10. One of My Turns

11. Don't Leave Me Now

12. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 3)

13. Goodbye Cruel World

14. Hey You

15. Is There Anybody Out There?

16. Nobody Home

17. Vera

18. Bring the Boys Back Home

19. Comfortably Numb

20. The Show Must Go On

21. In The Flesh

22. Run Like Hell

23. Waiting for the Worms

24. Stop

25. The Trial

26. Outside the Wall

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