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Where Zeppelin I suffered from being too reverent to their blues idols, II showed exactly what these musicians were capable of artistically. "Whole Lotta Love," "What Is and What Should Never Be," "Thank You," and "Ramble On" show Zeppelin's masterful range from stomping hard rock to breathtaking ballads. These songs not only established the Led Zeppelin sound, they remain among the band's defining tracks.

Released in October 1969, II largely helped direct where the genre would go for the next decade, with Zeppelin at the forefront of popular music. Zeppelin II has become the outline for heavy metal and rock albums, and is often considered one of the most influential records of all time for good reason. In fact, I very nearly listed it as number one, as it's my personal favorite Zeppelin album and the first record I remember taking from my dad.

Track Listing:

Whole Lotta Love

What Is And What Should Never Be

The Lemon Song

Thank You


Living Loving Maid

Ramble On

Moby Dick

Bring It On Home

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