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When it comes to ranking Zeppelin's first six albums, any fan of the band will have a different list. Presence and In Through the Out Door are often considered the result of a band in decline creatively. And despite "Immigrant Song"—as well as some fine acoustic work that shows the band's range—III failed to have a lasting cultural impact like other records in its catalog. In fact, at the time, the album was considered a stumble for Zeppelin after the massive hard rock hits on II.

Thankfully, while the rest of the album isn't quite as memorable, cuts like "Tangerine" and "That's the Way" have stood the test of time for any fans interested in this side of Zeppelin. To its credit, III feels like a necessary step in Zeppelin's evolution to the triumph that is IV.

Track List:

Immigrant Song


Celebration Day

Since I've Been Loving You

Out On The Tiles

Gallows Pole


That's The Way

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Hats Off To Roy Harper

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