Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy

Houses of the Holy is often one of the most polarizing of Zeppelin's six iconic albums. After the massive commercial and artistic success of Led Zeppelin IV, the band's follow-up had a lot to live up to. Zeppelin seized on that to take some huge risks on Houses of the Holy—to mixed results. There's the bizarre reggae-inspired "D'yer Mak Mak'er" and the synth and keyboard heavy "No Quarter," which remains one of Zeppelin's most fascinating works. And while "The Rain Song" and "Over the Hills and Far Away" are two pieces of classic Zeppelin beauty, the rest of the album suffers from some confusing moments that never really caught on in 1973, and certainly don't work today.

The Song Remains The Same

The Rain Song

Over The Hills And Far Away

The Crunge

Dancing Days

D'yer Maker

No Quarter

The Ocean

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