Justice For The Damned spark the fire on ‘The House You Built Is Burning’

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Justice For The Damned


There will always come a time in our lives, that we must walk away from people we love, respect or admire. This includes family. This is a story about being the last one holding on when everyone else has walked away.”

Justice For The Damned‘s vocalist Bobak Rafiee summarises one of the hardest points of growing up, as expressed in the pummelling new single The House You Built Is Burning. “You can fight, you should fight, but one day you have to realise you must now let go. You cannot drown, you cannot continue giving your all to someone so toxic.” Today Justice For The Damned share the second single from sophomore album Pain Is Power will be available May 8th via Greyscale Records with pre-orders available HERE.

Since the announcement of their upcoming album, the Australian music scene has rallied behind the band, with fans chomping at the bit to get their ears around what’s to come from the Sydney five-piece. “The response to the album & Guidance has been overwhelming, we’ve made our previous milestones look like lines in the sand. At this time, in the current economical climate we’re counting our blessings & this isn’t anything we’re taking for granted!”

The House You Built Is Burning was first given as a gift to the fans who came to see them at Invasion Fest early this year, back when the band was where they feel the most at home; on the stage. While that side of things has come to a halt, Rafiee, as all Australian musicians, is doing what he can to stay positive and look to the future. “At the very moment, the business side of the industry isn’t looking too flash, with multiple tours & shows being pushed around, it goes without saying that we’re missing the stage more than anything. However, on a personal level we are all at 100%, we’re constantly brainstorming & trying to come up with ways to make this era more exciting. We’ve got the future in our sights, and you’ll see us on stage before the year is out, I promise.”


Everyone is leaving you, and I will do the same…



Justice For The Damned - Pain Is Power

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