Pyrotechnica - Act This Way [HD]

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Pyrotechnica returns to MR with this sick tune, love the variety in here!

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Race against the clock,
Just killing time
Got to kick a habit
That's a bit too full of pride
And throwing fists
I wasn't ready for this
I've got to get off this ride

Said I wouldn't come back,
But you couldn't handle that
Say without you,
I won't amount to jack
You tip me right off the edge
before I snap,
Saying you were the best
I'll ever have
I've been waiting for so long.
(You got what you wanted)
All I hear is

"Oh, let me in
From this pouring rain!"
But if I let you in,
You'd just ask to stay
Promised myself
I wouldn't act this way
Anymore, anymore
You could scream for days
And for days, and for days
My dear, my hands are tied
And bound for my own sake
Promised myself I wouldn't act this way Anymore

Race against the clock,
Just killing time
Pocket full of dreams
But you kept
Talking out the place
The sun don't ever shine

#Pyrotechnica #ActThisWay #MontageRock

Photography by Alessio Lin:

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