Thin Lizzy lyrics - Album: Johnny the Fox [1976]


Somewhere on the waterfront

Johnny's hiding with a gun

Swears he'll kill any man that tells his story

He's not sorry for what he's done

He broke into a drugstore

To cure his daily need

He didn't mean to shoot the guard

But he was blinded by the greed

Oh johnny

You see that nun, she's his sister

She doesn't know that he's gone bad

When they told it to his father

It drove the old man mad

Just as his mother warned him

From her dying bed

It's alright to lose your heart

But never lose your head

Oh johnny

Now the cops have got him surrounded

And he doesn't stand a hope

He wonders how he could be in so much trouble

Over just a little dope

Five to one he gets away

That's the odds I'm going to give

Five to four they blast him away

Three to one he's going to live

Oh johnny

Back in the alley where he was slain

I thought I heard something move

Beside the trash can lay a heart and chain

The picture had been removed

Just another juiced up junkie

Looking for a bed

It's alright to lose your heart

But never lose your head

Oh johnny


Midnight in the big city

At the bar drinking all on my own

Just thinking about that girl and me

How something's going wrong

Mister, tell me, what's my saving grace?

The back room boys

Were all telling me

I'm a borderline case

Back on the borderline one more time

Seven beers and still sober

It's time to change to something stronger

I cannot take this scene no longer

She could have told me it's all over

Back in my home town

The old place is still the same

But time can cast a spell over something

You can't go back again

Back on the borderline one more time

Mister, fill me another

Till I go crazy and it turn my mind around

Just pass that bottle one more time

And slowly drink it down

Jeanie can I tell you?

The shame of my disgrace

It's just love or rejection

For this borderline case

Back on the borderline one more time

I'm on my bended knees crawling

I'm begging you darling

Don't Believe a Word

Don't believe me if I tell you

Not a word of this is true

Don't believe me if I tell you

Especially if I tell you that I'm in love with you

Don't believe me if I tell you

That I wrote this song for you

There might be some other silly pretty girl

I'm singing it to

Don't believe a word

For words are only spoken

Your heart is like a promise

Made to be broken

Don't believe a word

Words can tell lies

And lies are no comfort

When there's tear in your eyes

Don't believe me if I tell you

Not a word of this is true

Don't believe me if I tell you

Especially if I tell you that I'm in love with you

Don't believe a word

Fools Gold

In the year of the famine

When starvation and black death raged across the land

There were many driven by their hunger

To set sail for the americas

In search of a new life and a new hope

Oh but there were some who couldn't cope

And they spent their life

In search of fool's gold

The old prospector

He makes it to the four lane highway

His old compadre

Lies dead in the sand

With outstretched hands

He cries, are you going my way?

The people passing by don't seem to understand

The curse of fool's gold

Broken joe just lying in a gutter

He's gone as low as any man can be

He calls for wine but they'll only serve him water

The bartender say we don't sell sympathy

He tells a strange story

About his father

How sunday mornings they'd go down

To the church on the corner

As time grows older

His thoughts they grow younger

It is his wish

To search no longer for fool's gold

The vulture sits on top

Of the big top circus arena

He's seen this show before

Knows someone is going to fall

Just near the part

Where the beautiful dancing tightrope ballerine

Forgets that the safety net

Isn't there at all

Down he swoops with claws drawn to take her

Razor sharp so savagely is she mauled

Oh my god, is there no one who can save her?

In steps the fox to thunderous applause

Fool's gold

Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed

Johnny the fox he called to jimmy the weed

He said hey man, I know your name

I seen you cruising with the low riders

Hanging out down on first street and main

Tuned into and listen to the hoodoo rhythm devils

Around the bay

They've got some crazy djs

Send you right out to heaven

Jimmy the weed for greed was taken aback

Johnny the fox you old sly cat

Cleverly the fox concealed his stash

Crisp dollar bills leave no tracks

In the back of a black cadillac

The voodoo music travels

Down skid row only black men can go

The shady deal unravels

Johnny the fox, hot to hustle

Jimmy the weed won't use no muscle

That cat's so sly, slick and subtle

Johnny the fox breaks out the bottle

Tuned into and listening to

The voodoo music travels

The beating drum for the lonely one

Sends you out to heaven

Old Flame

There's a girl I'll remember

Oh for such a long, long time

This girl I'll remember

She was an old flame of mine

Beneath the stars just sipping wine

Young lovers then in summertime

I'll always remember

That old flame of mine

Love, she comes and gove

True love, she hides then shows

My love, may I propose

That love she comes and goes

Two hearts together two hearts alight

To keep us warm on winter nights

With each dying ember

I remember that old flame of mine

Once this flame it did brightly blaze

Among the ashes there still remains

A glowing spark in my heart

For that old flame of mine


At a point below zero

There's no place left to go

Six hundred unknown heroes

Were killed like sleeping buffalo

Through the devil's canyon

Across the battlefield

Death has no companion

The spirit is forced to yield

There goes the bandolero

Through the hole in the wall

He's a coward but doesn't care though

In fact, he doesn't care at all

The general that's commanding

He's defending what he fears

While the troops they are depending

On reinforcements from the rear

If God is in the heavens

How can this happen here?

In his name, they used the weapons

For the massacre

There is a point below zero

Where the sun can see the land

Six hundred unknown heroes

Lay dead in the sand

Sweet Marie

Sweet marie you mean a lot to me

In my memory I hold you very dearly

Once in all my dreams, my plans, hopes and future schemes

There was sweet marie

But my home is where my heart is

And my heart is not at home

Whenever we are parted

I feel so all alone

With twilight falling

The moon is calling sweet marie

What the sea tells only sea shells

Are whispering sweet marie

Into the darkness goes this message sweet marie

Some lovers are sometimes parted

They must end what they have started

All that's left is the broken hearted, I must depart my sweet marie

Somewhere out in arizona

Such a long way from california

I felt so alone there

I was two thousand miles away from home there

Tonight we're going to play boston

I still don't know what the hell is going on

Oh but I wrote this song

To keep me thinking on about my sweet marie

Sweet marie you mean a lot to me

This melody it keeps haunting me

My sweet marie

In harmony, it's will me constantly, sweet marie

But my home is where my heart is

My heart it's not at home

Now that we are parted

I feel so all alone

Boogie Woogie Dance

In france, they've got a dance

A feel real crazy dance

A touch of class and a dash of romance

Feel that crazy dance

Boogie woogie dance

Boogie woogie dance

In spain, they give it a name

A real chic cheeky name

One you know it you're not the same

But you really take a chance

Boogie woogie dance

Boogie woogie dance

In brazil, they got a pill

A real hard power packed pill

Take one too many you'll feel quite ill

But you really take a change

Do the boogie woogie dance

Boogie woogie dance

Oh dance, get out and dance

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