Live streams and events this evening from @FishDerekDick (6pm_, @pinkfloyd (5pm), @jonhuntmusic (8.…

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Live streams and events this evening from @FishDerekDick (6pm_, @pinkfloyd (5pm), @jonhuntmusic (8.30pm), @Jcrudess (9pm) and @mishaperiphery (1am). With the cancellation of almost all live entertainment owing to the the worldwide Covid-19 outbreak many bands and artists are turning to the Internet to as an outlet for their creativity and to entertain their fanbase.

We're bringing you daily updates here too on the Prog website, pointing you in the direction of anything that's prog-friendly, on a daily basis (working with Chris Parkins' Virtual Prog Gigs Facebook page to highlight what's going on.

Louder is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn moreFish, Pink Floyd and Jordan Rudess events and streams tonight

Pink Floyd

The prog legends continue streaming full concerts on their YouTube channel this evening, staring with a re-edited Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii at 5pm (BST)


The former Marillion frontman will be hosting another live Q+A stream on his own Facebook page at 6pm (BST)

Jack Sharp

The former Wolf People vocalist, who releases his new album Good Times Older today, will be performing on his Facebook page today (TBC)

Jon Hunt

The Bad Elephant artist will be performing live on his own Facebook page at 8.30pm (BST)

Jordan Rudess

Dream Theater’s keyboard virtuoso returns with his piano mediation at 9pm (BST) via his Facebook page.

Misha Mansoor

The Periphery guitarist will be performing the Reptile demo from P4 writing sessions, breaking it down, and taking Q+As on Twitch in the early hours at 1am (BST)

If you know of any upcoming prog-friendly streams, please e-mail us at: and we'll add you to our listings.

Stay safe, stay in and prog on

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