On this day in 1947 @jethrotull bassist Glenn Cornick was born...

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On this day in 1947 @jethrotull bassist Glenn Cornick was born... Jethro Tull’s Stand Up was a pivotal album for the band. The first album to feature new guitarist Martin Barre, it marked the point where they shook off their original incarnation as a blues band and began to fully embrace the burgeoning progressive rock scene. It also came housed in an iconic pop-up gatefold sleeve featuring striking artwork from US artist James Grashow.

Grashow was a young art student in New York City specialising in woodcuts when he got a call from Tull’s manager Terry Ellis asking if he would be interested in designing the cover for their new album.

“I have to be honest, I hadn’t heard of them,” he Prog as part of this month’s epic cover story on the making of the Stand Up album. “A friend of mine at school knew Terry and told them I could be great. I’d done things for magazines and advertising, but never an album cover.”

Ellis and Ian Anderson really liked the idea and sent a limousine to pick up Grashow and drive him from his apartment to New Haven, Connecticut, where the band were playing. “I was so excited, I’d never been in a limousine before,” he says.

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