Babylon A.D. frontman Derek Davis releases single/video “Pandemic Blues (Summer Days)”

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Derek Davis - The Revolutionary Souls


Fresh off the success of Derek Davis‘ #1 iTunes Blues Songs chart single, “Mississippi Mud”, comes his latest Single and Video release.

For his new release, Derek Davis has put together a hand picked band of enormously talented musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area and named the band Derek Davis & The Revolutionary Souls!

The new track “Pandemic Blues(The Summer Days) is about the new world we wake up and face everyday as we as a community of people work our way through the ongoing crises. The song takes a tongue in cheek approach on the very serious problems we all face. The single and video content portray a realistic yet satirical and sometimes funny look at the way we all are effected. The songs style and sound is that of Reggae, Rock and Soul, fused together by the bands unique sound. The video images reflect the tracks lyrical content and piece together a futuristic 1950s B movie Sci-fi tale of the world.

I went down to the market took my place in line

Seen a purple haired lady hoarding huggies and wine

I said, oh No!It’s getting out of control

Every hour every minute I’m dreaming ‘bout the summer days

Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist “Derek Davis” penned and produced the track just a few weeks ago and the band members deliver their unmistakable playing ability, talent, energy and professionalism into the making of this very catchy memorable song.


Listen and buy!

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