Watch Jake Xerxes Fussell play an exclusive Uncut session

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Hopefully you’ve already caught the two previous sessions hosted by Uncut in conjunction with Paradise Of Bachelors.

If not, you can watch wonderful and unique performances by James Elkington and Itasca by clicking the links on their respective names.

Today, we bring you you third session in the series, recorded live at his home in Durham, North Carolina, by Jake Xerxes Fussell.

He plays elegant updates of two traditional folk songs, “Wild Mountain Thyme” and “The River St. Johns”, either side of his take on Allen Toussaint’s “Freedom For The Stallion”, recorded by Lee Dorsey, Hues Corporation, Boz Scaggs and Elvis Costello, among others. Watch below:

Jake Xerxes Fussell’s Out Of Sight album is out now on Paradise Of Bachelors, buy or stream it here.

Next in the series is Michael Chapman, so please bookmark the Uncut homepage and check back from 6pm on June 4 to view his session.

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