Hear Bob Mould’s new single, “American Crisis”

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Bob Mould has announced that his new solo album Blue Hearts will be released by Merge on September 25.

Described by Mould as “the catchiest batch of protest songs I’ve ever written in one sitting”, it was self-produced at Chicago’s Electrical Audio with engineer Beau Sorenson, and features the rhythm section of drummer Jon Wurster and bassist Jason Narducy.

Hear the lead single “American Crisis” below:

“‘American Crisis’ is a tale of two times,” says Mould. “The parallels between 1984 and 2020 are a bit scary for me: telegenic, charismatic leaders, praised and propped up by extreme evangelicals, either ignoring an epidemic (HIV/Aids) or being outright deceitful about a pandemic (Covid-19).”

From today until June 7, all of the proceeds from “American Crisis” will benefit OutFront Minnesota and Black Visions Collective.

Pre-order Blue Hearts here and check out the tracklisting below:

1. Heart on My Sleeve

2. Next Generation

3. American Crisis

4. Fireball

5. Forecast of Rain

6. When You Left

7. Siberian Butterfly

8. Everyth!ng to You

9. Racing to the End

10. Baby Needs a Cookie

11. Little Pieces

12. Leather Dreams

13. Password to My Soul

14. The Ocean

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