Hear Toots And The Maytals’ new single, “Got To Be Tough”

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Frederick “Toots” Hibbert has announced that the first Toots And The Maytals album in a decade will be released by Trojan Jamaica/BMG Records on August 28.

Entitled Got To Be Tough, you can hear the first single and title track below:

The album features Zak Starkey on guitar, Sly Dunbar on drums and percussion from Cyril Neville, with a guest appearance from Ziggy Marley on a cover of his dad’s “Three Little Birds”. Pre-order Got To Be Tough here and check out the tracklisting below:

Drop Off Head

Just Brutal

Got To Be Tough

Freedom Train

Warning Warning

Good Thing That You Call

Stand Accuse

Three Little Birds Ft. Ziggy Marley

Having A Party


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