Björk’s label One Little Indian changes name to One Little Independent

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One Little Indian records – home to Björk, Crass, Marry Waterson, Kathryn Williams among others – has announced that it is changing its name to One Little Independent, as well as updating its logo.

Founded by Derek Birkett in 1985, the label took its name from his band Flux Of Pink Indians. “As a teenager living in London in the late 1970s, my friends and I were deeply inspired when we learned about some of the philosophies of the Indigenous People of the Americas, of peace and love for each other and for nature and the planet, and in turn they were of huge influence in our anarchist punk movement,” writes Birkett in a social media post. “I was naive enough at the time of founding my label to think that the name and logo was reflective of my respect and appreciation of the culture.

“I’m aware that my white privilege has sheltered me and fostered my ignorance on these issues. I realise now that the label name and logo instead perpetuated a harmful stereotyping and exploitation of Indigenous Peoples’ culture. This is the exact opposite of what was intended. However, I know that it is not the intentions but the impact that is important.

“I want to apologise unreservedly to anyone that has been offended by the name and the logo. I recognise now that both contribute to racism and should have been addressed a long, long time ago.”

As well as changing the name and logo, Birkett has committed to donating to organisations including the Honouring Indigenous Peoples Charitable Corporation and The Association On American Indian Affairs.

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