Paul McCartney unveils deluxe reissue packages for Flaming Pie

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The latest Paul McCartney album to get the Archive Collection treatment is 1997’s Flaming Pie, which will be reissued in various formats via MPL/Capitol/UMe on July 31.

The hefty 5CD/2DVD/4LP Collector’s Edition – priced at £520 – features the remastered album cut at half speed across two LPs; a hand-stamped white label vinyl featuring home recordings; “The Ballad Of The Skeletons” 12” single with vinyl etching and poster; an exclusive marbled art print portfolio housing six Linda McCartney art prints; plus all manner of bonus audio, video and written content. Watch the unboxing video below:

There is also a £250 deluxe edition and less wallet-busting 3xLP and 2xCD formats, featuring numerous demos, out-takes and home recordings; plus a standard 2xLP edition featuring just the remastered original album.

Take a closer look at all the new Flaming Pie formats and pre-order here.

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