The Sight Of Impact - The Stage [HD]

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We love the vibe of this one, nice screams! Let us know what you think down below!

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Dead center of a space invited
A chilling feeling so un-pure
Pressures rise as the temperature drops
Cold in the throat
Scattered in thoughts

Each breathe grows thicker and thicker
Lights out into darkness
Senses forbode in a mind that won't rest

White noise heightens impulses
All perception are raised to a 10
Ghastly vibes introduce bad obsession
Anxiously walk take the center of stage

Shout it out until I'm wide awake
Lighting a fire to my dark plagues
Lift me out of the nothing I believe
Nervous embers turn to wild flames
Banish the shadows stifling my way
Lift me out of the nothing

Inhale and exhale take deep breaths until you drown

Drown in the blood rushing radiance
Feel the passion of those screaming your name
Raising the echoes the thrill of the phase

Lights in our eyes
Tonight we all rise
Sounds and vibrations they shake us alive

#TheSightOfImpact #MontageRock

Photography by Clem Onojeghuo:

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