Hear The Rolling Stones’ “Scarlet”, featuring Jimmy Page

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The Rolling Stones are due to reissue their 1973 album Goats Head Soap in numerous formats on September 4.

Among the bonus tracks is the previously unheard “Scarlet”, recorded in October 1974 and featuring Jimmy Page and Rick Grech. Listen below:


Says Mick Jagger: “I remember first jamming this with Jimmy and Keith in Ronnie’s basement studio. It was a great session.”

Keith Richards adds: “My recollection is we walked in at the end of a Zeppelin session. They were just leaving, and we were booked in next and I believe that Jimmy decided to stay. We weren’t actually cutting it as a track, it was basically for a demo, a demonstration, you know, just to get the feel of it, but it came out well, with a line up like that, you know, we better use it.”

“Scarlet” will feature on the box set and deluxe CD and vinyl editions of Goats Head Soup, along with two other previously unreleased tracks, “All The Rage” and “Criss Cross”.

Listen to “Criss Cross” and find out more about the Goats Head Soup reissues here.

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