Thin Lizzy announce six CD one DVD Super Deluxe box set

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Thin Lizzy have unveiled details of a mammoth Super Deluxe box set.

Rock Legends is a six CD one DVD set that features 99 Tracks in total, 74 of which are unreleased and 83 of which have never been released on CD or streaming platforms.

The box set covers the bands whole career over 6 discs and features a raft of unreleased material including demos, radio sessions, live recordings and rare single edits. The track listing has been co-compiled by Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham from a collection of newly discovered tapes most of which have never been heard before.

The box is housed in a 10” x 6” slipcase and in addition to the six CDs contains a DVD with an hour long BBC documentary and the band’s performance on the Rod Stewart A Night on the Town TV Special from 1976.

The set also contains replicas of the bands tour programmes bound into a hard-backed book, Phil Lynott poetry books, 4 art prints and a book containing quotes by all the members of the band about their experiences playing with Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy.

The box set is available to pre-order here.




CD ONE The Singles

Whiskey in The Jar – 7″ Edit

Randolph’s Tango – Radio Edit*

The Rocker – 7″ Edit

Little Darling – 7″ Single

Philomena – 7″ Single

Rosalie – 7″ Mix*

Wild One – 7″ Single

The Boys Are Back in Town – 7” Edit*

Jailbreak – 7” Edit*

Don’t Believe A Word – 7″ Single

Dancing in The Moonlight – 7″ Single

Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song – 7″ Single

Waiting for An Alibi – Extra Verse

Do Anything You Want To – 7″ Single

Sarah – 7″ Single

Chinatown – 7” DJ/Radio Edit*

Killer on the Loose – 7″ Single

Trouble Boys – 7″ Single

Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) – 7” Edit*

Cold Sweat – 7″ Single

Thunder and Lightning – 7” Edit*

The Sun Goes Down – 7” Remix*

CD TWO Decca Rarities

The Farmer – Debut 7″ single

I Need You – Debut 7″ single B-side*

Whiskey in The Jar – Extended Version Rough Mix*

Black Boys on The Corner – Rough Mix*

Little Girl in Bloom – US Single Promo Edit*

Gonna Creep Up on You – Acetate*

Baby’s Been Messin’ – Acetate*

1969 Rock + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*

Buffalo Gal + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*

Suicide + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973 *

Broken Dreams + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*

Eddie’s Blues/Blue Shadows + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*

Dublin + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*

Ghetto Woman – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

Things Ain’t Working Out Down at The Farm – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

Going Down – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

Slow Blues – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

CD THREE Mercury Rarities

Rock and Roll with You – Instrumental Demo*

Banshee – Demo*

Dear Heart – Demo*

Nightlife – Demo*

Philomena – Demo*

Cadillac – Instrumental Demo*

For Those Who Love to Live – Demo*

Freedom Song – Demo*

Suicide – Demo*

Silver Dollar – Demo*

Jesse’s Song – Instrumental Demo

Kings Vengeance – Demo*

Jailbreak – Demo*

Cowboy Song – Demo*

CD FOUR Mercury Rarities

The Boys Are Back in Town – Demo*

Angel from The Coast – Demo*

Running Back – Demo*

Romeo and The Lonely Girl – Demo*

Warriors – Demo*

Emerald – Demo*

Fool’s Gold – Demo*

Weasel Rhapsody – Demo*

Borderline – Demo*

Johnny – Demo*

Sweet Marie – Demo*

Requiem for A Puffer (aka Rocky) – Alternate Vocal, “Rocky He’s A Roller”*

Killer Without A Cause – Demo*

Are You Ready – Demo*

Blackmail – Demo*

Hate – Demo*

CD FIVE Mercury Rarities

S & M – Demo*

Waiting for An Alibi – Demo*

Got to Give It Up – Demo*

Get Out of Here – Demo*

Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend – Demo*

Part One: Shenandoah*

Part Two: Will You Go Lassie Go*

Part Three: Danny Boy*

Part Four: The Mason’s Apron*

We Will Be Strong – Demo*

Sweetheart – Demo*

Sugar Blues – Demo*

Having A Good Time – Demo*

It’s Going Wrong – Demo*

I’m Gonna Leave This Town – Demo*

Kill – Demo*

In the Delta – Demo*

Don’t Let Him Slip Away – Demo*

The Sun Goes Down – Demo*

CD SIX Chinatown Tour 1980

Are You Ready? – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *

Hey You – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*

Waiting for An Alibi – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *

Jailbreak – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*

Do Anything You Want to Do – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*

Don’t Believe A Word – Tralee (12/04/1980) *

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*

Got to Give It Up – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*

Still in Love with You – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*

Chinatown – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*

The Boys Are Back in Town – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*

Suicide -Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*

Sha La La – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*

Rosalie – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*

Whiskey in The Jar – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*



Four songs never before commercially released recorded for a Rod Stewart TV special in 1976.



The Boys Are Back in Town

Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song


Never before commercially released 60-minute documentary made by Linda Brusasco and first broadcast on BBC4 in September 2015.

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