The Rolling Stones to open their own shop on Carnaby Street

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This month’s Uncut cover stars, the Rolling Stones, have revealed plans to open a flagship shop on Carnaby Street.

RS No.9 — which will be located at 9 Carnaby Street — opens its doors on September 9.


RS No.9 will feature “exclusive collaborations, new fashion and merchandise”, as well as stocking the band’s extensive music catalogue and latest releases. Items will also be available to purchase online.

The band have launched a new website and Instagram account to share information about the store.

You can watch a promotional clip for the Stones’ RS No.9 shop below.

On September 9th 2020 the Rolling Stones will be opening a world-first flagship store on London’s Carnaby Street! RS No.9 (9 Carnaby St) will feature exclusive collaborations, new fashion & merchandise, alongside the band’s latest music releases!#RSNo9 #Carnaby

— The Rolling Stones (@RollingStones) August 20, 2020

Meanwhile, Mick and Keith talk Goats Head Soup in the new issue of Uncut! Pick up a copy to hear tales of “dogs and weirdness”, hexes, altered time zones and Jimmy Page. Or click here to get the issue delivered direct to your front door.

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