Shakedown Stream Pre-Show with Dave & Gary feat. Ken Babbs & Sue Kesey (8/27/20)

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In 1960, Ken Kesey’s brother Chuck and his wife Sue opened up a small creamery in Oregon and became the first to add probiotic cultures to yogurt. But by the summer of 1972, the business was struggling. To keep things afloat, they called on their Acid Test pals, the Grateful Dead, to help out. This Thursday marks the 48th anniversary of Grateful Dead’s fundraiser concert that helped save the day--and we’re celebrating with a very special pop-up edition of the SHAKEDOWN STREAM. First up, on the SHAKEDOWN STREAM PRE-SHOW, Merry Prankster Ken Babbs and the natural food pioneer Sue Kesey will be popping by to chat with David and Gary about their memories of producing the concert that saved the now successful Springfield Creamery--makers of Nancy's Yogurt. The Kesey’s remain co-owners today of the family-owned and operated company and are celebrating their 60th anniversary in business this year. Learn more about Nancy's fascinating history here

All proceeds from this week’s stream go directly to support The Rex Foundation.


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