Hear a previously unreleased Cardiacs song, “Vermin Mangle”

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A previously unheard Cardiacs song has been released today to mark the funeral of bandleader Tim Smith, who died in July aged 59.

Listen to “Vermin Mangle” below:


A note accompanying the release reads:

Of stars and planets,

of darkness and light,

of all universal energies issues forth

the fragile beauty of


…a present for YOU

by way of gracious thanks

for your abiding LOVE

and LOYALTY towards,

the stellar gift that was and will forever be,


Send him home:

Send him near and far.

Remember him.

July 3rd, 1961 – July 22nd, 2020

Go here to read a moving funeral notice from Tim’s brother and bandmate Jim Smith and to donate to the family’s chosen charity, The Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital.

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