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Vinnie Appice lashes out against the Rock Hall for having downplayed RJ Dio, by many considered the best HM singer of all time.
Apart from this issue, the abovementioned Hall ha been involved in numerous other 'overlookings' of this type in the past

Loudwire: Vinny Appice Calls Rock Hall 'F--king A--holes' for Excluding Ronnie James Dio.
He certainly has a unique voice that you either love or hate, a bit like McCafferty from Nazareth or Lee from Rush but if I had to pick a fav rock vocalist, it would probably be Ian Gillan, he has such a range.

I grew up with Gillan, Plant, Brock, Ozzy, etc but RJD seems to blow them all away - in all the band's he sang in !!
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