Anvil are a heavy metal power trio from Canada.
After initial interest due to their enduring anthem "Metal On Metal", the band were ignored and overlooked for decades.
Many other hard rocking artists, inspired by ANVIL, went on to become bigger than ANVIL ever would.
ANVIL, however, refused to give up, playing endless live shows & releasing 19 (& counting) studio albums.
The band almost sunk without trace, until 2007 when a former fan & associate threw them a life line:- a documentary, "The Story Of Anvil".
Together with the film release into cinema, the band self - funded their best album in years, "This Is Thirteen", which broad them much needed kudos.
ANVIL are a bit "Marmite", but make a living being a full time working band.
They are very "tongue in cheek" & admired for their no - compromise attitude.
Their output over the last 15 years has been consistant & true to their traditions.
When they tour the UK, they play small venues, but deliver a no nonsense, full on set of pummelling set of great melodic metal.



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Ahhhhhhhhh, the band Lemmy always wondered why it hadn't made it big time !!!!
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