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Hello from Musical People and Journey....


Hey All

Nigel here.... Lover of all forms of Rock....

Run a Podcast where we review all the latest titles, but in the form of Rock Festival... See below. Feedback would be great and submissions are always welcome! 12 Albums reviewed over two shows!

Current Fav band is Greta Van Fleet... seeing them in concert in a couple of months... before then those classic rockers Thunder playing at Wembley!!



Hey my amazing rock brethen...

We are now on youtube with out latest album reviews...

Inc Stereophonics, Ghost, Bryan Adams, Ty Tabor, Marillion... check who makes our hall of fame...

Currently listening to 15 albums for May Festival loving some great stuff from Feeder, Treat, Thunder, Lords of Trident, Black Swan, Papa Roach and so much more.

Shortlisting albums released in May for the June show... Obviously Def Leppard will be on there, let me know of cool albums you think is worth looking at! Don't do Screamo ;-)
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