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High Fidelity


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What do you listen to your music on, is it just an Ipod or a high Fidelity music system?

I have big speakers and a large amplifier because I like to listen loud, without distortion.


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My g f and I own a Sony HIStak multi level pod, but since I travel a lot for work, my smartphone has become my Fido device for music !!!


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I have to admit that I have fallen into the rather lazy category of convenient listening. As I have said a few times, I have thousands of vinyl records and compact discs. I also have complete access to a component stereo which I have two speakers in the basement (lower level) and two speakers in the living room (main level). However I am a family man now with rare opportunity to selfishly crank some Kansas of the stereo. Much of my music listening is such that I have about 30,000 songs from my collection on my iPhone, which I connect to Bluetooth speakers while at work, playing hockey, out on our patio, anywhere. Bluetooth connection in all our vehicles. I never listen to the radio.
I also have a Bluetooth adapter connected to my home stereo in the basement and every once in a while, I will let my kids connect their phones so they can listen to their music a little while we are doing chores or whatever.
I also have a tiny little Bluetooth speaker I keep in my pocket often. It's a little louder than the speakers of the phone. I take my music with me most everywhere.


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∆∆∆∆ I can relate with what you say up there. I tend to travel quite a lot for work and pleasure so I like my fav music to be with me wherever I go :)
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