"You're So Vain" Do the lyrics make sense?


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This song by Carly Simon is truly iconic and much beloved but does it stand up to scrutiny?
Now, In the verses of the song, the narrator paints a picture of a man who was once was her lover. A vain man. And, in the chorus, she states “ You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you”. Now, I take that to mean, “ If you think that this song is about you, then that is further evidence of your vanity”. But, of course, the song is about him, and so how can he be thought of as vain if he can clearly recognise himself as the subject of the song ? For example, the lyrics tell the listener (1) that he (the subject of the song) once had a relationship with the song’s narrator.(2)That he broke off the relationship.(3) That he owns a jet plane (4) That his horse once won at a Saratoga race meeting (5) That he had travelled to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun. Again, with all that biographical info laid out, how could he not recognise himself.
Maybe, the song should be retitled. “ You’d be so stupid if you don't recognise yourself from all the biographical detail revealed in the lyrics”

What do we think?
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