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Woodstock, Altamont, the Summer Of Love all gone: a new era, a new generation- of people that actually listened to songs and music, the days of 2:41 singles was over. 1970 saw the album rule supreme, and some serious heavyweights began this decade.
List your favourite song, album, movie or single.
Wars raged, politics and space travel.
Power To The People!
(The iconic cover tempted you inside- the Vertigo Swirl label signalled a much needed change- Paranoid was a real game changer.)...
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It is true that 1970 was the dawn of the Album era as opposed to the typical 7" single with the likes of Zeppelin who never released any singles, not even stairway to heaven but all there albums went to No.1, black Sabbath and deep purple releasing hit albums one after another and the likes of Rush and yes with songs that last the whole side of an album or even the whole album.
Well, singles were / are used to promote music in the wake of an album. I always thought that if you've got the knack, you can sell albums as good as you can singles. My elder sis has a humungous collection of 45s because in the 50s, that was the fad. My generation were more into albums straight away.
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