11 Songs That Will Make You Want to Move

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The key to a great exercise playlist, our critic writes, is a mix of novelty and familiarity.

So, you have the drinks.

The perfect decorations.

And the room lights dimmed.

But do you have a great playlist to put you in the partying mood?

When people talk about the best dance songs of all time, they mean those catchy, danceable tunes that get everyone moving.

Creating such a playlist isn’t easy.

But in the spirit of partying and good music, we’ll make your work easier with our list of the 11
best dance songs of all time.

You already know a Michael Jackson classic will appear somewhere along the way.

Get ready for some one-hit wonders to give you the pulsating energy you need for your upcoming party.

1. “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson​

What a hit by the King of Pop!

A great dance song deserves the best dance moves.

And even the most serious guy in the building would find it hard not to groove to Michael Jackson’s masterpiece.

That’s how you know it is one of the greatest dancing songs ever.

2. “Groove Is In The Heart” by Deee-Lite​

When the groove is in the heart, you want to escape your boring routine and step onto the dance floor.

And it gets even better when the song’s infectious lyrics are about appreciating life.

Some call it a one hit wonder

But in reality, Deee-Lite’s classic hit can still set any dance floor ablaze.

3. “Vogue” by Madonna​

The vogue dance was inspired by Madonna’s pop song of the same name.

And it’s all about having a good time on the dance floor, irrespective of your background.

Decades later, the legendary hit still gets everyone on the dance floor.

4. “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer​

Donna Summer is well known for her enviable music career.

And her 1977 Disco songs
is what many would call the ultimate dance song.

Lyrically, the song describes the singer’s sensuality.

She feels love in a way not even words can describe it.

5. “One More Time” by Daft Punk​

Daft Punk’s feel-good song is about those good times when you can’t stop dancing.

The suggestion is that these guys have been dancing for quite some time.

But they want to do it one more time because the music is great.

Isn’t that how an excellent dance song should make you feel?
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6. “Good Times” by Chic​

Chic's Party song
will get you on the dance floor, no matter your mood.

It is a classic hit with euphoric lyrics to stick in your head.

Raymond Jones’ piano sets the mood.

And Nile Rodgers’ bass line is the icing on the cake.

7. “Let The Music Play” by Shannon​

Romance on the dance floor has been a persistent theme in dance-pop music for as long as we can remember.

And a few songs capture such emotions like Shannon’s “Let The Music Play.”

The track’s release marked a significant era in music history, combining the features of traditional Latino disco with hip-hop and R&B elements.

8. “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn​

Robyn’s sad banger evokes feelings of loneliness.

The song is about dancing alone because you don’t have a romantic interest.

The narrator’s heartache only worsens when watching her ex-lover dancing with another lady.

It’s like rubbing salt into the wound.

But even in her desperation, she still has a great tune to groove to.

Perhaps she’s learned to live with her troubles.

9. “Dancing Queen” by ABBA​

With its catchy melody and seductive lyrics, ABBA’s dance song perfectly brings out the dreamy feeling of love on the dance floor.

It’s a memorable moment, with everybody immersed in the soothing music.

The song has traversed generations with lines as catchy as this;

“Ooh, you can dance/You can jive/Having the time of your life/Ooh, see that girl/Watch the scene/Digging the dancing queen.”

10. “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga​

It would be unfair to compile a list of the best club songs of all time without mentioning a
particular American singer who revolutionized dance-pop music.

Lady Gaga brought something different to the dance music scene.

And “Just Dance” captures those emotions of letting loose on the dance floor and having a good time.

11. “Beat It” by Michael Jackson​

Few songs bring out the party mood quite like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.”

The memorable opening synth is enough to take your troubles away, begging you to give it a listen to the end.

And by the time the guitar riff comes on, you won’t need any convincing that this track is a must-have in your dance playlist.
Well, the list does not have what I would call the best songs that will make me want more, however, I have listened to most of these songs and the artists and I do agree that they have good music. Beat It is the song that introduced me to Micheal Jackson. I like listening to Lady Gaga sometimes but I believe Gaga has better songs than Just Dance
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