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Doesn't seem to be much discussion about Irish rockers U2 (band in logo image) what are your thoughts on the band?
I would say I am a U2 fan. The Joshua Tree, The Unforgettable Fire are my most favorite albums. Their earlier stuff such as Boy, October, and War are a little spotty for me but the albums I mentioned as well as Achtung Baby, Under A Blood Red Sky, and Rattle And Hum; these are the albums I listen to most and in their entirety.
I was able to see them five years ago on their Joshua Tree anniversary tour and it was a fantastic experience. I snuck my dslr into the show and got some really great images.
I have 12 of their studio albums, a few compilation albums, and others.
Here are a few examples of images I took during a 2017 concert.
Did I mention photography is another of my hobbies?


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I got to meet Bono and Edge the same way before their Dallas show on the Elevation Tour in 2001. He's very cool to his fans
I wouldn't say I am a fan of U2 but I remember watching them on MTV when I was a kid. I found their videos really interesting. I did not know anything about the band until I started hearing about Bono in the news for his activism and philanthropy.
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