Best box sets of 2022 / 2023

This one has gotta be one of the most 'terrorizing' 7" black metal box sets ever conceived:-
Exclusive box-set including the four classic debut 7" re-releases of Malign “Fireborn” (1998), Ofermod “Mysterion Tes Anomias” (1998), Triumphator “The Ultimate Sacrifice” (1998) & Watain “The Essence of Black Purity” (1999) on picture 7" singles.
Die hard edition, first 100 copies includes a 100x70cm big "Black Metal Terror" flag.
Boxset includes:
-4 x picture 7" singles with original artwork cover sleeves
-12 page booklet with liner-notes & lyrics.
-4 x postcards
-Flag 70x100 cm
-packed in a sturdy "lift of lid" hard-cover box
limited edition of 500 copies (100 with flag / 400 standard versions).
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