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Best covers


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What are the best covers of classic rock songs ? I didn't use to like covers of original songs once, but with improved technology, different recomposing methods and talent, I started to re-evaluate them.
One great cover was recorded by Testament .....the Scorpions classic, Animal Magnetism ......just blows my top :) ......the intro is amazing, the growl is wild.....OMFG !!


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You don't get many Neil Young covers because of his unique singing voice but here's an excellent cover of his Cortez the killer by the Dave Mathews band.



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This very young Canadian rock band do an exquisite version of the Sweet classic.
I have 3 of their albums already and love the sweet voice of that young lass. I keep in touch with their dad too, he is so dedicated to his kids....they deserve to be in lights ....rock needs new lymph :):)
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