Beth Hart


With albums like "Black Coffee" where Beth teams up with JOE BONAMASSA & the latest "Tribute To Led Zeppelin" album, this red hot mama shows the kids how it's done.
This woman is a hard rock tour-de-force with enough power to force rock & roll whiplash.

One day I started looking for the natural progression to epic lady acts like Janis Joplin and Grace Slick via Suzie Quattro .....and bang, pow....up came Beth Hart. She's a literal explosion on stage.
I really dig the DVD shot in Amsterdam (I think) with Bonamassa.

She's really immortal live :)

Hey Skellyboy, you might wanna look up another female powerhouse called Dana won't regret it :):)
Thanks changeling, I will check it out.
You seem very well informed.
Incidentally, are you the only other person on here?
Well, modestly speaking, yes, I am.
No, there are other members here, only that either they Iike to lurk or are too busy to post here.
Beth Hart is the next best singer to Janis Joplin of age. She sure knows how to incarnate life itself on stage !!
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