Fine, people. I decided to start a whole new thing here: to post latin american bands. I know that you may not know many (of all) of them, but I assure you you'll like them if you give them a chance. I'll start with something unknown even by my fellow patriots: Bubu. This is an argentinian prog rock outfit, for which the term "band" is not the most adequate. They were more like an ensemble or a collective because of the amount of members and their way of writing songs. The main member was Daniel Andreoli. He wasn't the only important member, but there were lots of them so I don't know where to begin listing them. However, all of the members were important to the sound. And, about the music itself, their breed of prog rock was very particular, since their songs have a format which was very similar to the longest songs of Frank Zappa or the Soft Machine of "Third", but with lots of influences in the middle of this, such as Genesis, King Crimson, Stravinksy, Schöenberg, John Coltrane, etc. It was a pretty unique way of playing progressive music. They recorded their first album between 1976 and 1977, but it was finally released in 1978, after the band ceased to exist because of personal (their style was far from commercial even in the golden era of prog rock) and social issues (the country was ruled by military forces, with several and constant violations of human rights). However, they left a testament of greatness with their debut and farewell "Anabelas". Decades later, Andreoli gathered new members and released a second album in 2016. The name of that album is "El eco del sol" (The echo of the sun). I didn't listen to this one complete yet but, no matter how good or bad it is, the glory of "Anabelas" is enough to place this band among the greatest ever. Here you can listen to it complete. Enjoy:
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