Garage/fuzz/psych/acid rock anyone ?

Terry Brooks & the Strange has been A-kickin' fir many moons of his best recordings ever.....a psychedelic powerhouse :)

Outskirts of Infinity just blow my mind ........similar to bands like Bevis Frond and Baby Woodrose ....enjoy the journey !

It was 1987 when David Roback and Kendra Smith firmed Opal
They both were in top Paisley Underground bands of the 80s

Then David Roback moved on from Opal and together with my fav sweet sexy female singer of the 90s Hope Sandoval, went on to form Mazzy Star ....the rest is recent history

There was a trend in the early 60s called Morbid Pop with bands playing songs often banned by many radio stations :)

Listening to the latest lusty psych doom masterpiece from the Swedish band Majestic Mass....."we will destroy your mind and rape your soul" :):)

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