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John Lennon - Imagine - Album Review


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1. Imagine - The title track and strongest track also. It is a piano ballad dedicated to world peace. Imagine is Lennon's most popular song he wrote outside of the Fab Four, and maybe the most classic. I'm sure all of you have heard it already, but if you haven't, listen to it as soon as possible. Words cannot really express the greatness of this song. 5/5

2. Crippled Inside - Another strong track. Here Lennon experiments with country rock. On the guitar, none other than George Harrison, whose work really shines. It about how you can hide everything except when you are "Crippled Inside." 5/5

3. Jealous Guy - I'll compare this to the title track, as they are both slow piano ballads, though it is not anywhere near as good. The words are completely different obviously, although it couldn't be written for Yoko, because its about how he hurt a woman because he was a jealous guy. This was originally a demo for the White Album, and it sounds like it would have gone good one it. 5/5

4. It's So Hard - A nice blues track, although it sounds like a filler to me. The guitar is what makes it stand out. 3.5/5

5. I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier - I really like this song. The bass and drums give it a certain "cool" feel. The piano and guitar give it a blues feel. To completely understand the mood, you have to listen to it. It gets a little repetitive because there is no chorus and the vocal delivery is the same every time. 5/5

6. Gimme Some Truth - This is the lyrical gem on the album. It is a protest song, and he is protesting all the liars in the world. I personally like the energy in the chorus. Great work on guitar by George Harrison as always. 5/5

7. Oh My Love - Another demo for The White Album. It sounds like a softer version of I'm So Tired. It is about, you guessed it, Yoko. 4/5

8. How Do You Sleep" - Here is where John and George team up to bash Paul McCartney. And they make sure they do a good job at it too. They even add in an orchestra. It starts off just like Sgt. Peppers, then the bashing begins. "The one mistake you made was in your head/How do you sleep"/Ah how do you sleep at night"" It doesn't sound all that bad, but I happen to be a fan of Paul. 3/5

9. How" - I could see Marvin Gaye doing this song. Particularly the chorus sounds like an R&B song. During the verse, the only instrument during the vocals is a steady drum beat. Somewhat of a filler track, but good nonetheless. 4/5

10. Oh Yoko! - Anothe tribute to Yoko obviously. Probably the most catchy song on the album. The lyrics are nothing special, as they are all in this format: "In the middle of the night/In the middle of the night I call your name/

Oh Yoko, oh Yoko, my love will turn you on"
My favorite part is the fast harmonica at the end of the song. 4/5


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