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new listener


Up to this point, I've listened to 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5)' and 'Time'. Might I at any point say, I LOVE what I'm hearing. I truly need to investigate a greater amount of their music. Where would it be advisable for me to begin?


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Why not listen to both those albums in their entirety? Listen to the entire Wish You We're Here album and The Dark Side Of The Moon album sometime.
Picking tracks is fine but you may be missing pieces of a puzzle if you do that much with Pink Floyd.
"Echoes" or "One Of Theses Days", from Meddle would be good, single tracks to listen to. Might be a little soon for "Interstellar Overdrive".


yes, I have heard a couple of songs from the 'Wish you were here album it certainly explores Empathy and is incredibly moving Intelligent and soulful.


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Crazy diamond is really slow to start which could put new listeners off but quite good when it gets going, have a cigar is a bit weird buy the title track wish you were here is the big track from the album.


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Probably Echoes. It's so beautiful, plus it makes me think of friends far away. But it is a really tough choice. Wish You Were Here is also a top contender, for the same reason, and Time is another big one
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