Nick Mason is a Fraud


Did you know Bob Klose was actually the real drummer for Pink Floyd from 1965-2022 Nick Mason would only fill in temporarily for Bob when he would take time off to film pornography. Nick Mason was the original choice to play for The Floyd but was relegated when he couldnt keep up with the very complex time signatures of Lucifer Sam (4/4). Nick Mason will always be known as the drummer of Pink Floyd (undeserved) but he cannot truly say that he was the man behind the beats on underrated album Animals. Today you can find Nick Mason in his cover band playing Bob Klose hits.
I knew Mason was a fill-in for a couple of songs, but didn't know to what extent. Some critics say Nick was cool as a vintage car collector but less as a drummer. I find his drumming quite cool, but not so innovative.
According to his wiki page he played lead guitar (not drums) for a band called Tea Set that later morphed into The pink Floyd, then just Pink floyd. Klose had left by then and was not in the original floyd lineup.

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