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Right. I'm Aussie and proud to boot. I'd like to spend a few words on Australian rock. Australia has always had a rather "rockish" attitude ever since Johnny O'Keefe :):) hit the scene in the 1950s with his special brand of r n r created around Aussie customs and traditions.
O'Keefe sparked the rock movement and the rest is history: even before AC/DC, Wolfmother and Airbourne, there were valid bands like The Valentines, a Sydney band ft Bon Scott on vocals, then came the early Bee Gees (pre-disco), Daddy Cool, the 70s band Fraternity, again ft a renewed Bon Scott :), Jimmie Barnes and the Aztecs, Max Merritt & the Meteors, an Aussie/ NZ band, the Saints, Skyhooks, Flash in the Pan, Radio Birdman ft Rob Younger & Deniz Tek, Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons, Helen Reddy, The Veronicas, etc etc.
What do you all think of Aussie rock ? What are your fav bands/singers from Australia ? Some of my fav Aussie bands are among the above-mentioned; some other bands I like include : -
Lycanthia, a gothic doom metal band from Sydney


Don't be shy, post your fav Aussie bands/ singers here :)
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Skyhooks, Australia's major glam band .....pride n joy of the famous Mushroom Records, OZ's coolest label

Australia's very first rock n roller :
Johnny O'Keefe - there would be NO OZ rock without him in the '50s :)

I have never liked early Nick Drake and the Bad Seeds, but this new stuff is growing on me .
esp Jubilee Street ...real poetry put to music
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