Pink Floyd style suggestions


Howdy folks, I've been tuning in and learning about Pink Floyd for quite a while. I was Wandering if you could at any point propose any band (not fundamentally well known) that you think about understanding their logic and communicating?
Well, I've heard of suggestions like OzricTentacles and O.R.B.I.T., but personally I'd stay away from those kind of bands because they are simply electronic-oriented bands with some FX here and there.....practically nothing to do with the Floyd sound , which was more visionary and psychedelic (meaning an electrical opening of the inner mind, not pure electronics).
You might try checking out the upcoming Greek psychedelic scene for bands that try to be influenced by the PF mentality when creating any case, it's hard to find a band nowadays which directly taps from the Pink Floyd vein base they practically invented British psychedelic rock.
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