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Psychedelic rock


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I did a quickie lookie for a thread on psychedelic music (or stoner, as it is called today) and I didn't find any.....I'd like to start a thread on this ultimately overlooked genre created in the 1960s and still kicking today through various revivals and reboots (e.g. Paisley Underground scene in the 80s).
Of course this includes post punk, garage, fuzzrock, psych folk and the like.
Don't be shy , just dig in.....,

One of my fav classic psych bands and albums

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Pink Floyd's first couple of albums are in that genre as is Hawkwinds self titled first album as well as bands like the Pink fairies.


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Of course early Floyd and HW did indeed incarnate psychedelia at its best, but I have since moved on from those forefathers because I wanted to see how this underrated genre evolved in 50 odd years. The 2 above-mentioned outfits are Brit bands and greatly represent the British scene in full, but the U.S.A. ksushed out some of the most sensational psychedelic/garage music ever.....



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Melissa auf Der Maur ....once bassist in Courtney Love's Hole and later in Smashing Pumpkins as well.....she released a rather psyched out song & album

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