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Record label is looking for bands/solo projects to cooperate with

Hey all there!
My name is Lev Kitkin, I am the CEO of Stereo Arts Media LLC, the company that has been engaged in the reproduction and releasing and music since 2017.

At the moment, the company operates 3 labels working in the direction of electronic dance music.
To expand the field of activity, we decided to open a new label specializing in pop rock/alternative music, and now I'm here to find musicians with whom we will work, whose music we will release and promote.
If you have any material, whether you are a band or a solo project, it does not matter - please do not hesitate to send us a demo, even if it is home-recorded.
For the artists whose music we will sign, we offer mixing (if the artist does not have the opportunity to provide the material mixed), mastering, cover design and of course promo campaigns.
Artists do not pay for any above-named services and for anything else, each cost is on the label.
The only thing that is required from the artists is a studio recording (at least of the multitrack) for the possibility for us to mix it.

If you are interested, please contact us for any questions you have, as well as to send a demo, namely by email, because I rarely visit this website:

Thank you.

Lev Kitkin