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People do say that they don't write songs like they used to anymore. I think part of the problem is that music software means that so called ‘musicians’ create a lot of repeating sections. Some of them can’t even play an instrument. If they can, they tend to only work with limited chords and structures. Occasionally, this can produce something good but it is much rarer than in the past.

I wonder if anyone here would be willing to review my new album - sorry to intrude. It is influenced by Queen, Pink Floyd, Abba, The Beatles, Bowie and JS Bach, so yeah very retro. I will appreciate constructive criticism - bad as well as good because I will soon be sending it out to important music investors. You will need to private message me as I am not publishing web links here.

If it helps, I am an accomplished musician, singer, composer with a degree in music, grade 8 classical guitar. I have written three rhapsodies in the style of bohemian rhapsody with rock solos and choral sections. Also a concerto, various classical pieces and 300+ songs in many styles.
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