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It was a bold move to remove the iconic guitar solo, but in a good way. When the intro starts getting boring and you want to turn it off, Roger sings the opening lines: 'Hello (hello, hello), is there anybody in there?' The chorus hits you hard, with the entire band singing. Where the first guitar solo should be, is the chord progression usually played under the solo, along with sound effects and dialogue. The second solo (replaced with a backup singer whaling, similarly to the Great Gig In The Sky) is beautiful. A great opener (instead of the encore that it usually is) and interesting the whole way through.
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Good description man :). I think that when you're dealing with a different rendition of a masterpiece like in this case by Waters, you can come out with a RE - masterpiece of the original. CN, the best track off The Wall, is a well-arranged song in the first place so Waters just made it more haunting than ever. I don't think any musician could have done any better with the other songs off that album.
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