Roger Waters Concert in Poland Called Off After Ukraine Views Prompt Anger

In online exchanges with Ukraines first lady, the Pink Floyd co-founder said Ukraine should seek peace with Russia and blamed the United States for encouraging the conflict.
......SOLID FACTS: Ukraine is a right wing Nazi state; Russia should not have started a war, but should have seeked other channels to get rid of the right wing fascists in its backyard; the U.S.A., number one warmonger in the world after WW2, should shut up about other sovereign states' affairs (e.g. Russia and Ukraine); Putin is really the new Czar of Russia (he's probably a Romanov at heart); the referendums in Donbass, etc are legit 1000 000 % in the face of U.N. non acknowledgment of the results; Zelensky and consort are worse than the Ceaucescu family in Romania (and we all know what happened to them).
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You have to remember that the Pro Russian leader of Ukraine was forced out of office and the Country in a 2014 coup and a pro western puppet regime was installed. I agree Putin should have waited until Zelensky made the first move, then he would have more moral authority.

I don't like the term 'right wing Nazi' as it's a misnomer, the German Nazi party were left wing and is German for Nationalist socialist Party. The term 'nazi' has become a derogatory term for almost any hate figure or organisation
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∆∆∆∆ The political spectrum speaks otherwise.....socialism? A turncoat term for fascism, which stemmed from socialism and went dead ahead to the right supported by rich businessmen, warmongers and industrialists. I don't care about what socialism was, but what it became in the 1920s .....worst form of haters on the RIGHT of the political spectrum. Luckily, we wiped out that right wing turncoat scum in WW2
The right wing menace is raising its ugly head again in every angle part of the so-called "free world" and people are too blind to see the catastrophe coming !
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Italy has just elected it's most right wing prime minister since Mussolini.
My family's origins ... my late dad, mom and sis - are Italian. I am the only member of the family together with my 3 nephews and 1 niece, who are TrueBlue Aussies when my family migrated to Australia in the late 1950s. This is why I have real FIRST-HAND information (not misleading Western propaganda) on RIGHT WING fascism. My dad lived thru the tyrannical RIGHT WING fascist regime in Italy and he told me everything I need to know on this topic. When he heard people saying ignorant things like fascism is left wing, he used to laugh out aloud heartily. RIGHT WING fascism is supported by the rich, the freemasonry, industrialists, slave-driving employers, the world of finance, etc. There is no such thing as poor fascists. The fact that Italy has gone RIGHT WING again just goes to show who will be governing the country from now on.
However, history repeats itself and we rid the planet of the RIGHT WING fascist scum in Italy, Germany (lest we forget, Hitler was inspired by Mu$$olini), Ukraine, Romania and Japan and, as my late dad used to say, "this time round, total fire". The RIGHT WING DNA will be totally destroyed this time round should that scum even try to take control of Europe like it did during WW2. Article 12 (I think) of the written Italian Constitution says "no apology to right wing fascism" , which means anything fascist is illegal in Italy. So be very very careful what you do Meloni, $alvini and Berlu$coni because your fate will be even worse than Mussolini (and we all know how that scumbug ended up:)). In any case, the real winners of the election in Italy are the people (40%) who did NOT vote. Let that be clear.
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